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SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project

SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project
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SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project Healthy Eating Nutrition and Exercise Plan


Complete a 3-day diet analysis by accessing your SuperTracker and inputting your nutrition intake a second time.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in APA format, making a healthy eating comparison and creating a personalized nutrition and exercise plan. The plan should be plausible enough to be initiated within the next 30 days and continued throughout your life. Use insights from the SuperTracker, Physical Activity Tracker, the Recommended Dietary Allowances, Recommended Dietary Intakes for your age group and gender, and information from readings.


Compare your recent results to the 3-day diet analysis you completed in Week One. How have your nutritional habits changed, if at all, since the first week of class? What key changes have you made or do you need to make to meet the recommendations made by your SuperTracker results?


Analyze your diet and exercise results and identify a current health problem or nutritional need you are experiencing, or a health or nutrition problem you can foresee experiencing because of your family history: for example, heart disease or diabetes. Briefly discuss the condition you have chosen.


·         Develop a realistic nutrition and exercise plan by including four nutritional and physical exercise goals that will assist you in optimizing good health.

·         Discuss the actions you will take to meet each goal.

·         What are some anticipated setbacks or difficulties you may face? What approaches will you implement for overcoming them?

·         What outcomes will you measure to determine if your plan is successful?

·         What are potential health risks you may develop if you do not implement the plan?

·         How will you adjust your plan to fit your changing nutritional needs as a result of age, pregnancy (if applicable), or changes in physical capabilities? Additionally, include information on physical activities and how they may be altered to accommodate different seasons of the year.


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Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan SCI/241 Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan This paper will cover a discussion regarding my current eating habits in comparison to how I was eating upon beginning class. The first step involves completing another three-day diet analysis and discussing the change in nutritional habits. The second step is to discuss a current or future health problem I may experience. The next step focuses on developing a nutrition and exercise plan that will include four goals. The plan will include the actions I must take to meet the goals as well as any anticipated setbacks. The fourth step entails address

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