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PSY 230 Week 2 Assignment

PSY 230 Week 2 Assignment
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PSY 230 Week 2 Assignment Personality Theory Presentation

As an expert in the field of personality theory, you have been asked to present at a large Psychology conference. The focus of your presentation is behaviorism and social-learning theory.

•    Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint®presentation on behaviorism and social-learning theory.
•    Include speaker notes and graphics, use appropriate font size, limit text on each slide to five lines, and use approximately five words per bulleted item.
•    Incorporate key concepts from the following theories in your presentation:

o    Behaviorism – Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, reinforcement, tabula rasa, etc.
o    Bandura’s social-learning theory – Information on observational learning and self-efficacy.


PSY_230_Week_2_Assignment_Personality_Theory_Presentation.pptx (537.1 K)

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