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NTC 405 Week 4 Individual TCPIP Paper

NTC 405 Week 4 Individual TCPIP Paper
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NTC 405 Week 4 Individual TCPIP Paper


Write a 4-7 page paper including the following:

· Analyze the current options available for use of TCP/IP and OSI models for businesses.

· Research options for improving the current use of TCP/IP and recommend new software and equipment that’s

· Describe how use of equipment, software, and multiplexing could aid in improving use for communications which would
reduce network congestion.

Use APA formatting for the paper.


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TCP/IP Analyzethecurrentoptionsavailableforuseof TCP/IPandOSImodelsforbusinesses. The 5-layer model serves primarily the protocols known as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP), or jointly, TCP/IP. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is also served by this model. The 5-layer modelwas developed along with these protocols, antedating the 7-layer model, and is sometimes called the TCP Model. LayerNameFunction5Process ApplicationsProvide applications services to users and programs4TransportHandles data-consistency functions, i.e., provides a reliable byte stream between two nodes on a network. TCP and UDP work at this level.3Internet (sometimes called the Network Layer)Provides network addressing and routing, and does

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