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MGT 230 Week 5 Final Exam Guide

MGT 230 Week 5 Final Exam Guide
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MGT 230 Week 5 Final Exam Guide (Latest)


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1) Planning involves which of the following A. Analyzing current situations B. Determining rewards for goals achievement C. Motivating employees D. Implementing necessary changes 2) _______ is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals. A. Staffing B. Leading C. Organizing D. Planning 3) Advances in genetic engineering and biotechnology are expected to produce some food products that will become available year-round even in northern climates. These changes will provide grocers with an opportunity to reduce their shipping costs while at the same time, offering fresher produce to their customers. These advances are an example of changes in the A. technological environment B. economic environment C. political environment D. ecological environment 4) _________ trends regarding how people think and behave have major implications for management of the labor force, corporate social actions, and strategic decisions about products and markets. A. Psychological B. Economic C. Technological D. Societal 5) Which of the

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