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BSHS 352 Week 5 Individual assignment

BSHS 352 Week 5 Individual assignment
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BSHS 352 Week 5 Individual assignment Online Therapy Paper



Conduct an Internet search for at least three online therapy sites.

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you discuss the content in each site, the professionals involved, and how the actual online interaction occurs. 

Address how professional associations and state regulatory boards view online therapy. 

Discuss related security issues and ethical issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality. Include your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. This includes citing all of your sources, including your online sources.


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Online Therapy Therapy is defined as the treatment of disease or disorder, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process. ( The most common setting for therapy settings are in an office setting. The client will come to the Therapist office, sit and speak face-to-face. Now, with all of the technology available, this does not have to be so. An individual can now take to the internet, find their respective therapist web page, and log on to connect and start the session. Help is now available at your fingertips. The Internet has a various sources on how to find a therapist. One must be careful in researching the information. There are methods of validation in assuring that the information is truthful and accurate. Authenticity, accuracy, currency, and objectivity are four different ways that can ver

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