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ACC 260 Week 8 Assignment

ACC 260 Week 8 Assignment
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ACC 260 Week 8 Assignment Fully Applying a Decision-Making Framework

Read the Locker Room Talk Ethics Case on p. 284 (Ch. 4) of the text.

Analyze the case using stakeholder impact analysis and the philosophical approaches to ethical decision making.

Explain what you think Albert should do in a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

Organize your paper using the following section outlines. Review the questions for each section to help you analyze the case and frame your paper.

Note. Do not explicitly answer these questions within the body of your paper.

•    Introduction

o    What is the ethical dilemma in the case?
o    What events led to the dilemma?
o    When describing the dilemma, did you mistakenly propose a solution?

•    Stakeholders Involved

o    Have you identified stakeholders?
o    What is their stake in the case?
o    Have you described every stakeholder in an objective, unbiased way?

•    Course of Action

o    Have you clearly stated the course of action Albert should take?
o    What reasons support your decision?
o    What philosophical approach did you use to reach your decision?
o    What are the weaknesses of your argument? Have you addressed counterarguments?

•    Stakeholder Impact

o    How do you think each stakeholder will be impacted by your decision?
o    Are there potential impacts on stakeholders that are difficult to anticipate? Have you identified them?

•    Conclusion

o    Do you present new evidence or analysis in the conclusion? Would it be more appropriate in another section of the paper?

o    Have you summarized the dilemma, your decision, and the potential effect on stakeholders?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including any references to the textbook or other sources.

Post your paper as an attachment.

Note. An important part of your grade on this assignment is demonstrating your ability to think critically: to suspend judgment while gathering evidence and consulting the various stakeholders’ positions, to analyze each position, to consider the effects of different courses of action, and then to make a decision and support it with evidence and logic.


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Fully Applying a Decision-Making Framework Various reasons exist for ethical dilemmas in business. We have to recognize these difficulties and analyze the actions that led to the predicament while keeping in mind the views and considerations of the stakeholders. Also, we must examine all possible outcomes and, as a final step, create possible solutions that will resolve the existing dilemma. Within this example, there is an accountant named Albert Gable who has been hired by the Wilsons in helping to preparing a financial plan. Additionally, Mr. Gable also performs annual audits on random accounts for a large city bank. During this same occasion, while he was assisting the Wilsons with their financial plan, he was also conducting the annu

Word Count : (1240)

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